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Disrupt has a set of attractive capabilities which makes it a good partner for co ventures. We have had a degree of success in navigating our way around the web economy. Being seasoned internet entrepreneurs, this puts us in a position to partner with other people of our kind in the pursuit of creating mutual value. Good ideas deserve to be brought to this world and upon finding one we facilitate that process by investing our capital into it. Such an action is in line with our commitment of viewing the world with uninhibited curiosity. Disrupt has alliances with many ventures that are pro innovation. Being a part of such an ecosystem gives every participant access to early adopters, critical feedback, different delivery models, potential talent as well as solutions to challenges. You can learn as well as contribute to the understanding of the supply demand economics of any given market and understanding of cash flow and accounting practices, using the laws to grow rapidly as well as getting exposed to creative investment strategies.

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Protecting online privacy and providing anonymity. You can surf safely on public WiFi networks without any fear of hackers stealing your password or personal details like bank account and credit card details. Even the internet service provider will not be able to look at your details. You can securely access corporate intranets while travelling. It enables geographically disconnected offices to be connected in a secure manner. One can also secure wireless transactions and circumvent geo restriction and censorship.

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Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform for Developers, Designers and Agencies. Using it, high performance applications can be deployed, monitored and managed in a seamless way without fussing with the cloud infrastructure. Agencies can offer a one window solution to their clients for both developing as well as hosting websites on the cloud. Since all tools are integrated in the Click&Go model of Cloudways therefore it is preferred by developers due to ease of development and deployment. Be it deploying apps, managing services and backups, monitoring everything, managing your application or adding and cloning applications, everything is just a click away. The 24/7 “always on” support ensures that all complications faced by users get resolved even on holidays.

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Kill Ping

Kill Ping is every gamers' friend. Reducing ping times, In-game latency, ping spikes, response deviation and everything else in between falls under the domain of Kill Ping. Gamers can experience a reduction in ping upto 60% resulting in an optimal experience. As the name suggests, the software is designed to eradicate the ping from the in game experience altogether. Gamers can increase their winning probability in PVP as a result of cutting off delay and latency. All massively multi player online role playing gamers as well as first person shooters will find Kill Ping ideal. Apart from reducing ping, users have complete access to different servers in the network and can also enjoy unlimited server switching.

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Project Infinity

Project infinity is home to a cluster of internet based solutions for online privacy, security and accessibility. The myriad of projects involve the use of the best practices as well as the adoption and practice of innovative processes that are directed at customer success. Our teams map all customer journey and then optimize processes in order to enable the customers to succeed. Deriving from its expertise in other products related to online privacy, security and accessibility, Project Infinity was created to further our work in these related areas.

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It's an agile based setup with a bias towards creation over integration. Similar to every other tech setup, we too started its operations with humble beginnings, but soon realized that IT will not only transform how we see the world, it will completely disrupt it. The realization allowed and afforded us the opportunity to think out of the proverbial box and shifted their focus onto the bigger and better things with a conscious decision to tag its future with them. In the process, we also rethought about what its culture should be like, re-thought notions about employee-owner relationship and even the idea of sharing ownership with key talent. Being your own boss is the core fabric of its culture. As of now, it's an integral part of several global initiatives involving cloud computing, online gaming, online security, privacy and accessibility of content.

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