Our Story

Change is the catalyst that keeps things fresh, supports transformation, fuels innovation and keeps a product relevant & valuable to the marketplace. The world around has changed since we started, the internet has changed from a military communication network to a vast interconnected cyber space. The consumers have changed from patient and understanding to very demanding ones. The business environment has changed from existing in silos to a networked economy. To remain relevant, keep creating value and to excel at it, we must re-frame ourselves and adapt to these changes.

It seems like only yesterday when we had started off in our basement in the hopes of building our own company. Hopes that had been transferred from two generations. Hopes of making an impact in the world. Today we have been fairly successful and our start-up has bloomed into a full fledged company. Today, it all looks and feels like fiction. We have managed to double in size every year and every department is cutting edge. However we always remind ourselves that this is only the beginning.

The reason Disrupt has grown to be more than just another global company lies in the fact that countless hours were spent contemplating the role of a company operating in the twenty first century digital age. The reflective process did not end there but extended to figuring out what all could be accomplished if one were to strive for more than just financial gain. Apart from consulting the top minds in areas pertaining to venture capitalism, entrepreneurship, people management a lot of experimental ideas and processes were concocted. Embarking on the exercise was a time consuming process and required a lot of dedication and discipline. The outcome was not only inspiring but totally worth all the time invested.

Disrupt is an ambitious attempt to balance the need to commercialize the technologies that the customers will want tomorrow and the technologies of today. It is the difference between consumer satisfaction and consumer anticipation. The only way to manage doing both is to create mutually independent entities. At Disrupt we realized that by virtue of being rooted and booting on a dual operating system of Hierarchy and Innovation engine, we can have our cake while enjoying it too. The hierarchy helps efficient management in the pursuit of creating customer success.


PureVPN, the leading name in the VPN industry, empowers millions of Internet users to experience complete Internet freedom.


Gaditek, the HR front of Disrupt. It provides all the talent and capabilities required by all the ventures. Gaditek also works talent branding and capacity building.


Cloudways offers a seamless way to deploy, monitor, and manage high-performance applications without fussing with the cloud infrastructure. It hosts thousands of websites through its 10,000 strong server network.


Project Infinity has many brands under its umbrella, and are known to be king makers in their industry.


Kill Ping helps gamers reduce ping times, in-game latency, ping spikes, response deviation, and everything else in between.


Disrupt came into being in 2015. It is the parent company of all the ventures we undertake.


In our bid to expand beyond our core strength and exponentially, we established a corporate venture arm in mid of 2016. The purpose is to externalize our synergies by investing in ideas which can lead to our growth.


SavYour is a discount publishing app, providing both customers and vendors with a platform to engage.


SQUAT WOLF, born and designed in UAE, is a premium activewear brand, designed for active-lifestyle. It is engineered for the performance and progression of the modern man.