Arqam Gadit


A multi disciplinary entrepreneur, Arkam keeps a keen eye on the technology side of things and ensures a smooth user experience. You will often find him explaining his philosophy called 'work first for life first'. He wants his team members to recognize that they need to give their all to work today as they have health, energy and youth. Take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself he says. He walks the talk as you will find him dedicatedly working on improving the user experience and managing the traffic loads with complete attention.

He has experience in both creating products and then marketing them to the users too. His work has gained recognition locally as well as Internationally. At Disrupt, his presence is integral to runnning day to day operations as well as laying the foundation stones of new ventures.

As CEO of KillPing he is perfectly positioned to help gamers all over the world enjoy smoother gaming experiences.